Since I'm paying for this instance I reserve the right to get rid of people I don't like with or without a stated reason. But other than that I'm nice, I promise.
  1. No hate speech against any group, person, place, or thing, of any sort, at all.
    • This means no sexism or advocation of sexism.
    • This means no racism or advocation of racism.
    • This means no antagonism against any religion or belief system.
    • This means no xenophobia or rampant, violent nationalism
  2. No nudity of any sort, tagged or untagged, for any reason.
  3. Keep your language clean. This is a family internet!
  4. No unmoderated bots, unless I've asked you to create them
  5. No gore or graphic violence, tagged or untagged. Ever.
  6. No harrasment or following someone who has asked you to stop.
  7. We reserve the right to ban any user for any reason, whether expressed in this list or not. You want to say whatever you want, get your own instance.
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