Just rewatched Thin Ice and by gum I loved every second of it. As episodes go it might not be the most original or inventive, but for just pure bread-and-butter Who-y goodness I reckon it's hard to top. Funny, exciting, creepy, engaging, mildly educational and unapologetically humane - everything I could ever hope for from a Doctor Who story.

It's possible I'm just doing something wrong, but I swear I didn't have these issues with my mastodon.social account. Timelines all displayed in full, the global timeline showed posts from every instance, not just mastodon.social and the search function worked properly. This is all new to me so I could be missing something obvious.

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I hadn't realised that by joining a smaller instance that most of Mastodon would essentially become hidden from view. In order to view the timelines of users on other instances I now have to take the additional step of following a link on their profile, and the global timeline effectively looks no different for me than my personal one.

I'm still glad to have extricated myself from the maelstrom, but it would be nice if it was easier to at least watch it from a safe distance.

As I've switched accounts a new probably wouldn't hurt. I'm a , and player. A fan of and all noises experimental - and being particular favourites. I'm a fan (currently doing my first full watch of the classic era) and a lover of TV in general, especially and .

I'm a of and of an absurd, surreal and comedic nature, which I'll sometimes post here.


is the first mobile-friendly I've played that genuinely feels mobile-friendly. Furthermore, it's actually rather good. Small decks, short(ish) games, distinctive graphics, sense of humour, and a surprisingly deep level of tactics both in deck building and gameplay.

The only real cons are IAP (though these are very ignorable and rarely impedes things for free players) and that not enough people are playing it yet.

My current #Mtg mission is:
Establish a newcomer friendly
#Pauper community at my lgs.

are there any people around who did something like this before and could offer some advice?

-i got 10 people interessted initially and we allready attracted a newly playing couple. so 12 now.
-the plan is to have one fixed date( wednesday, when nothing else happens at the lgs, every other week)
-i will provide decks (9so far) for people interessted who don't own one.

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