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My wife and I are now both testing negative for COVID-19. both are still coughing a bit but feeling much better.

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The plural of unicycle when there are two of them would most naturally be bicycle but to avoid confusion, everybody just says bunicycle unless they are being ridden by rabbits then they are bunbunicycle unless they are ridden by chocolate rabbits then they are bonbonicycle unless they are being ridden by chocolate skeleton rabbits then they are bonybunicycle unless they are being ridden by horses that are being ridden by chocolate skeleton rabbits then they are ponybonybonbunicycle.

English can be weird at times.

Oops I overshot and went from "not caffeinated enough to stay awake" to "too caffeinated to sit still."

I've been completely re-writing my novel over on . (this is the fourth full draft, as near as I can tell.)

I'm publishing it in more-or-less real time as I add chapters, feel free to have a look and let me know what you think!

Table Top Role Playing 

Started a campaign with my family, I really like their way of handling character creation: just start the adventure. I also like that it's an📇 Index Card RPG () module, so it's a lot like :dnd: &D with enough differences for flavor. I may have mentioned this before, but I steal a lot of ICRPG concepts for my D&D campaigns.


We've been delaying a family vacation for two years due to COVID. We finally went on that vacation...

and I got COVID.

We drove 12 hours to bring our kids to see the Pacific Ocean. We are in a condo overlooking the sea, the condo costs as much for the week as we pay on our mortgage for a month. They are currently losing their minds over a slightly large banana from Walmart. 🍌

Fairly Tame Confession 

Stupid sitcoms are my guilty pleasure, they are the opiate I use to numb my brain when life gets to be too much.

I have 11GB of songs on my server, and I just worked out a way to transfer them directly to a portable music player without storing them on my laptop's hard drive in the process. Now what to do with all the rest of this storage space...

Sansa fuse+ update: it worked for about 20 minutes, now seems to be bricked. Looking at the firmware recovery options. This is more or less exactly how I expected this project to go.

Currently planning on installing Rockbox on a Sansa Fuse+. Just because. I don't really need it, but it's an interesting idea.

The latest episode of (demon squad) seems to be a rip off of , or possibly Dirk Gently, not sure which. Or both? It wasn’t good, anyway. The episode was fun though.

I put it to you that the kindest syllable in the English language is “Rest” spoken in the imperative. Telling another person that the only task you expect from them right now is their relaxation and recuperation, that they matter without being productive.

Trying to write banter for my characters. It is as hard as writing action sequences. They both require careful timing. Now I know why Hemingway wrote the way he did.

One of my :dnd: players just described my DM style as "60% Santa, 40% Krampus". I might need to adjust that ratio a bit...

Going to a bookstore is the opposite of camping. No I will not elaborate.

Happy Juneteenth! We still have so much more to do. Let’s get to work.

I have a training once a week downtown, which means I get to ride the commuter train like I used to everyday. Which means I get to realize how deeply weird I have become during lockdown once a week as I try to act normal around all the other commuters.

Season 13 is an interesting beast. I can't think of many programs that threw off the chains of network executives, and got MORE family-friendly. The in-theater jokes are as good or better than ever, and they've found some prime bad movies as well.

The rest of the internet can go home, I have officially found the most important web page ever:

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