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Hey fun fact: being sick can send your blood sugar high. Because being sick isn't bad enough by itself. Sigh.

I've been playing Axiom Verge 2, (not just listening to the soundtrack) and it's pretty good! It does the Metroidvania thing where sometimes I feel like a super genius when I figure out a puzzle, and sometimes i feel like an idiot walking around the map over and over again, trying to figure out what to do next. But overall I'm in enjoying it. The highs are higher than the lows are low.

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Sometimes caffeine makes you feel awake enough to do what needs done in a day. somedays, like today, it just makes you tired faster.

We were talking about the whole “sharpen the saw so that you can cut down trees more efficiently” thing. My kids decided to find other ways to avoid the effort:
- buy a new saw
- wait for a sinkhole to form under the tree
- shoot the tree with automatic weapons
- shoot the tree with a bazooka
- hire others to cut down the tree
- declare a vendetta against the tree and convince “all my followers” to cut it down

Played three games with my kids today. It was fun! But it turns out that playing games with a 5 year old is a bit taxing after a while.

In the last couple months I read the Dresden Files books.

All 19 of them. It’s been a while since I binged a book series.

You ever wake up from a nap and be like “wait, THIS ONE is the real world??”

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Odds of me doing anything productive today:

Three. Just three. Not "three out of X" or "3:something"

Just three.

:dnd: D&D with family is occasionally super engaging, and is occasionally just one of my kids yelling “ancient frost baboons!!” Over and over while my dwarf-playing daughter tries to hit my Goliath-playing son on the head. 🤷🏻‍♂️

My local transit authority has contracted with an “on demand” transit company called Via. Think Uber Pool, but $2.50 per ride. It’s freakin awesome to go from my house to the train to work and back without ever driving myself.

You don't need to be an extrovert to be a manager. But you do need to talk to people. Introverts connect in ways that don't often get talked about in management classes, but they are just as valid.

Has anybody updated a DSM from 6.x to 7.x? Thoughts on the process?

I kind of miss Bandcamp Fridays. I realize I can still buy music from Bandcamp on Friday, but it was fun to have an event around it. In other words: wow marketing works on me. Yikes.

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Sad that the the thirteenth Doctor’s time was so short, and so weirdly divided. I really like Jodie. :tardis:

:dnd: report: I critically murdered a giant mosquito.

My :dnd: D&D group where I'm a player instead of a DM is finally meeting today after more than a month. I'm so excited!

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