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One thing that I have to keep telling myself: If I finish a task and it takes me more than five seconds to know what my next task is, it's time to stand up and walk around for a bit. I realize this is the entire point of the 🍅 Pomodoro Technique... I should probably get good at doing that again.


Sometimes being an adult means stepping over the dog barf while you take care of more important things and looking forward to when you have the luxury of cleaning up.

I've written almost nothing creatively lately, but apparently I've written almost 20,000 words of meeting notes and process documentation in the past two weeks. So that counts, I guess?

Software Griping, Mac OS specific 

I've been using TextExpander for years, but in the last two months it's been breaking down, giving me an error and dying. After a few weeks of uninstalling, reinstalling, even coincidentally rebuilding this machine from the ground up, it's not getting better. Also I haven't had any response from any support requests. Fortunately Setapp has a replacement all lined up for me.

Okay, impress me, Rocket Typist.

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If it involves a couple of hacky tricks, I don't care if your code solves the problem 6% faster.

Hardware scales and will improve over time. The human capacity of understanding and maintaining code does not.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking:

clean code > performance.

Just bought my own copy of Robert’s Rules of Order. To help myself feel better about being so excited about this, I’m telling myself that it’s basically a Dungeon Master’s Guide for meetings.

At this point I'm semi-seriously considering buying a Steam copy of just to make it easier to download mods. I've put almost 200 hours into the game and don't see any end in sight...

Spent two hours today writing up all my thoughts about diagonal movement in D&D. Because that’s a normal thing to do.

I have a slight headache, but it’s the weird kind where I can hear it when my eyes move

@jeff I obviously don’t know all of the things that have been going on and I know this must be a very hard time at GB central, but just know that I’m totally on board and I know that you’ll make the best next thing happen.

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Since the great iMac crash I've kind of decided to just try new stuff instead of reinstalling all my old stuff. So Fish instead of Zsh, now trying out NeoVim instead of regular vim, and Vim 8 package loading instead of Pathogen. I don't love all the new stuff, but it's nice to at least try it out.

One of the things I'm doing as part of this computer rebuild is moving from zsh to fish. So far I really enjoy it!

I'm also trying to only reinstall things I actually use. Which means I keep going for a shortcut's not there.

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Finally got our solar panels turned on and connected...on a rainy overcast day.

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my iMac is restoring from a bad state. I need to babysit it through the restore, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun in the meantime. Really loving the :raspberrypi: Raspberry Pi 400 running Xubuntu.

I put my music player into "just shuffle everything" mode this morning.

seems to be in an .E.M. mood at the moment, with just a dash of Kenny Loggins.

I'm down with it.

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