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TextExpander stopped working this morning and revealed exactly how bad I actually am at typing like a human person.

𝗙𝘂𝗻 𝗳𝗮𝗰𝘁: I learned to spell the word "requisite" because I can't consistently spell the word "necessary". That should tell you about 80% of what you need to know about me.

My son just bought his own fountain pen. My madness is spreading. 🖊

Just ordered two more :raspberrypi: Raspberries Pi, a 400 and a Zero WH. And some components. Adafruit wins again! My justification (???) is that it's all paid for out of royalties from my tech books, not from my day-job paycheck. So that makes it okay.

Riding the train to my office for the day because of power outages at home. So much has changed in the year since I did this last. So much has stayed the same.

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Rule #1 of 3D printing:

Your printer only fails while you're *not* watching it.

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We have ourselves a winner in the 3rd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2021

Congratulations to Python, which was able to defend its title in a 59 - 41 victory over Rust.

Third place goes to C with a convincing 61- 39 against Go.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the polls! See you next year for the fourth edition! ❤️

The Studio C/JK Studios crew made a comedy road trip movie about COVID during the pandemic. I really kinda want to see this, but I'm not going to SXSW so....

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I coded this during meetings yesterday. One of the benefits of work from home is that I can do really fun things when I'm bored.

The graphics were also interesting; asprite (or other pixel-art tools) are good for doing an indexed-palette thing like this.

* :raspberrypi: Raspberry Pi Zero WH
* Pimoroni inkyPHAT
* Some simple Python code
* A cron job that runs every five minutes
* pngs made with Asprite
* the Renner* font from indestructible type.

One of the best purchases we've made recently: the piano sheet music for my kids. Piano practice time is so much more fun when they're playing music they like than when they're doing Faber pieces.

I’ve been playing with less useful but more interesting languages lately. And by “less useful” I simply mean “not directly related to my company’s products”. Non corporate coding is so refreshing!

John Linnell of just recorded 4 songs in Latin. Speaking as someone who is currently warring a They Might Bi Giants shirt, and as someone who was Senior Consul in my high school Latin Club, I’m more than a little excited.

I seem to be doing something right, online-privacy-wise, because I keep getting ads for watch of the month things.


I haven’t worn a wristwatch since 2004.

Broke out my SNES Classic and played some old games with my kids. They weren’t fans of Donkey Kong Country but really liked Kirby’s Dream Course.

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Currently running three count em THREE D&D campaigns. I’ve never actually been a player in a D&D game, and it’s been a hot minute since I’ve played any TTRPG. But all three groups are pretty chill and excited and it’s good times. Even if we have to play virtually still.

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Hello all! In the interest of finding out how the Fedi skews, I want to run another age poll. Please pick the decade that you fall in (there are two polls; if you don't belong in the first, you may belong in the second).

Boosts welcome and encouraged!

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