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All Sorts

Fediverse, a place for sharing,
People here show they are caring
No matter what you're wearing,
Please CW your swearing.

Some here like sports
Others, quick retorts.
But whether it's Jorts or Shorts
Hate will lead to reports.

Assess yourself if you are able.
Think before you put it on the table.
If your words are too hard to swallow,
You may not get a single follow.


I've been playing around with Campaign Cartographer 3+ and making some &D campaigns for my kids. I've been using the environments of my :nanowrimo: novel from 2020 as a testing ground. I gotta say, CC3+ is a lot of fun, and I like the maps it's turning out.

Playing with my wife and son. We got this game for Christmas and LOVE it. It’s easy, fun, and full of bird pictures. 🦅🦆🦜

Board Game Arena is an excellent service with one tiny flaw:

Every time I play a good game on there I end up buying the physical version.

Oh wait, that might be a problem with me, not with the website. 🤔

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self-care reminder (uspol adacent) 

Is your physical safety at risk if you do not pay attention to the news right now?

If not, turn the fucking news off. Watching it won't change anything but make you feel worse.

If yes, are you sure you need the news? Consider monitoring local information sources and not national media. Trust what neighbors see out of their windows over what is being reported in the media.

Save your energy for when you can do something. Focus locally.

Stay safe. Stay strong.

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RT @itsalexberg
RT if you were gaslit or called alarmist over the past four years for saying some shit like this was going to happen

Medical stuff, personal stuff, but GOOD news. 

Some good news. This is hyper-personal but it's the only good news I can think of at the moment.

In September I was diagnosed as type II diabetic.

In my latest follow up with my doctor my blood glucose (A1C) was down into the "not diabetic" range. Meaning that I still need to be careful, but what I've been doing is working and if I stay on this course I'm unlikely to see any negative side effects.


I've been a "centrist" or 'non-aligned" voter for my entire voting life. There are things that I agree with in both parties and things with which I disagree.

But the last 24 hours have guaranteed my vote for the Democratic party for the foreseeable future. The republicans have done more to make me a democrat than any democrat ever could have. Not that I fully agree with the Dems now; but everything I can do to stop the GOP from getting more power must be done.


Dear the rest of the world,

I’m very sorry my country is like this. I thought we raised them better. I was wrong. I’m so tired of being ashamed of my government and feeling powerless to change it.

Just saw a notification on my server, so I ran the update. Didn't realize until after it was complete that I was listening to music via PlexAmp. it didn't even stutter. Pretty impressive!

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After years of saying I was going to do It “someday”, I’m finally starting a campaign with my kids, who range in age from teen to tot. This should be interesting. They all had letters to their characters taped to their bedroom doors last night, inviting them to board a ship...

This week’s morning was, of course, “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”. Spoiler alert: he conquers, at MOST, three martians.

Everyone talks about "Introverts" and "Extroverts", but what about "Controverts"?

Or are those just online trolls?

I had a phone meeting with one of my many doctors yesterday, to discuss my blood glucose readings. I sent them the spreadsheet I'm using to track my diabetes and they were very impressed by all the graphs and stuff I'm doing. I said "this is what happens when an MBA gets diabetes" and then we joked about further statistical analysis. Ahhhhhh nerds have fun.

one of the benefits of working from home: slippers and giant wool socks. Yes I am one thousand years old.

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It's Bandcamp Friday: 100% of your purchase goes to the artist! Go support music you love!

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