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Ready for . It's kind of nice to open up an entirely new Scrivener file again. So full of possibilities, so devoid of half-finished ideas.

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I know I’m late to the party but I am really loving playing with Hipstamatic X.

Today I got a Terraria server set up on a :raspberrypi: and honestly I'm more pleased by that accomplishment than I am by anything I have done for my real job in well over a month.

's My Murdered Remains is interesting and intriguing, but not quite as good as I Like Fun.

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tl;dr: make the shitty version of the thing before you try making the good version of the thing

The soundtrack for "SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow" is seriously the best part of the last SimCity game.

Getting excited for this year. I have a vague sketch of what I'm going to write and I'm enjoying the fact that I'm leaving my current dystopian WIP behind for a year to write something lighter and happier.

2020 just 𝒊𝒔 𝒏𝒐𝒕 the year to get stuck in a fictional dystopia.

According to my four year old daughter the planet in is called “Ramonesai” headcanon: accepted.


Words of wisdom from @michael :

"I have yet to hear a story that goes 'I deleted twitter and I regret it!' "

I'ts been twenty years, can we go back to just saying the last two digits of the year like we did in the 90's?

I kind of hoped we'd say things like "aught-five" back in 2005, but it didn't catch on. I'm definitely just calling next year "21" though.

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Thanks to SuperGiant games and their excellent game , I know how to pronounce Greek names like “Eurydice” and “Demeter”.

US Politics, kinda. 

Ballot turned in. I'm now officially done with politics for the year. The rest of my time will be dedicated to trying to maintain my sanity.

RimWorld (Video game) (+) Wordy 

I really love , because it's more of a story generator than a game. (The creator of RimWorld agrees). One of my colonists died and I had our local artist create a sarcophagus for them instead of a grave like an invader. They put this together (okay, the random text generator put this together) and it was so appropriate I wanted to slow clap for the game. Somehow the art is actually about the colonist that died this time, instead of a random other person.

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Today, a discussion brought back up the old "hidden" truth of writing: good writing takes time, and it takes revisions.

I love me some beat poets hard, but I feel like maybe they did some cultural damage to writing, in the sense that newer writers all seem to think you should churn out perfect prose the first time, and any editing afterwards "isn't true to your vision." That's as big a lie as anything.

My advice: edit your work. Twice, at least. You will never be sorry for it.


So, apparently the winner of the presidential debate was...Mark Hamill?

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