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I've been resisting it ever since I started working from home. "There have to be standards," I told myself. But today it finally happened. I had a good excuse, but really, there is no excuse.

I wore pajama pants to work.

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I just did some truly weird things to the CSS of my @write_as blog @liminal-spaces

I'm not sure if I'll keep it this way, but I do like CSS gradients.

I wanted to convey the idea of the boundary moments, the "glory of in between".

Instead I think I might have captured the glory of the kind of web design people do when they first discover CSS and haven't discovered good taste yet.

On the other hand I haven't had this much fun doing web "design" in years. Death to branding guides!

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Just FYI, if you use a dark theme on your blog I'll just use Instapaper or Firefox's reader mode to go back to dark text on white so I can actually read it.

Or I'll just leave your site and go read something else.

Talking to a friend about this, he reminded me of a group we used to work for where the root domain existed but didn’t redirect to “www.” And also didn’t display anything. It just timed out. So that’s the WORST way to handle it.

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This is what happens when I have a huge allergy attack at three in the morning, take a ton of antihistamines and a shower, and fire up because I can't go back to sleep.

P.S. If you have a server and aren't using Plexamp you're doing yourself a disservice.


Does anyone here still use the "www." prefix on any sites, either personal or professional? Why?

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I bought this album when I worked for Barnes and Noble. The Borders location next to us had Gene Harris in store for a signing. B&N sent me over to check it out and see how it was going. I came back with a signed CD.

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I found a cache of CDs from my earlier life, so now my library is becoming more eclectic.

this Pet Shop Boys double album I bought in 1993? (Title: VERY RELENTLESS) That's in there now.

This album of classic Bollywood songs from when I was a music department manager in 2002? (title: Dance Raja Dance) Fully digitized.

Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Erasure, a lot of bands that shaped my early musical tastes. Curious to see how well they hold up now.

I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said and better.

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