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My current Zoom background is Central Perk from Friends. Because no one told me life was gonna be this way.

I still use the Fever feed reader, which has been installed on my server, probably 10 years now. It works exactly the way a feed reader should, even without updates in the past four years.

But man, the name just breaks me now. Going to fever.natedickson....yeah, I just don't want to do that.

SO, :fediverse: , what's your favorite RSS feed reader? I'm thinking it's time to move on.

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#xkcd #gammaTest Pathogen Resistance - We're not not trapped in here with the coronavirus. The coronavirus is trapped in here with us. - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 04:00:00 -0000 - #poweredByAwk

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Somebody needs to file a JIRA ticket. Low priority.

This seems like a good time to get back into :tardis: Doctor Who. I could use some optimistic alien escapism.

I haven't been writing much fiction lately, but my journal is getting a lot more love than normal. .


Trying to find the balance between "I need to know what's going on!" and "Everything terrifies me!"

My present system is "I can check social media once a day, and one news site, once per day". So far it seems like this meets both sides of the equation.

socal distancing, COVID-19 

I realize I'm an introvert and also have a big family, so staying home is easier on me. But is it that hard, really? I've been connecting with my friends digitally and feel like that's been a really good answer. I do understand that it's not the same for extroverts, that face time is important to that mindset, and I really feel for people who are suffering harder in this time. We'll get through this!

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Speaking for Generation X, I have to say this feels about right.


Aaaaaaaand an earthquake this morning. This is good. This is fine.


Pretty sure that 1.) I have covid-19 and 2.) I’m almost recovered from it. I still can’t get tested, I’m still not a high enough risk. I’ve been quarantined in my home by choice for 8 days now, since symptoms started. Hopefully I’ll be fully better in less than six days.


For the record I’m willing to believe this is COVID, and I’m willing to believe it’s influenza. Either way I’m staying put until it blows over.

Mercifully my wife seems to have a much milder case and my kids have all thus far shown mild symptoms that cleared in 24 hours, or have shown no symptoms.

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Thankfully I have lots of sick time and I am well situated to work from home when I feel well enough to do so. Self imposed home quarantine heads into day four.

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Fever: ✅

Cough: ✅

Shortness of breath: Not really. (I’ve never paid much attention to how much air I can move but I can still breathe really deep, I guess? Seems deep.)

Have I been in contact with a person who has been in a hotspot country? No.

So even though I meet two criteria, I can’t be tested because I don’t meet three. There aren’t enough tests available.

I feel like nobody ever teaches the most important :vim: shortcut:

pressing 'Esc' somewhere between 4 and 12 times to get out of whatever convoluted pile of sub-messes you have gotten into and back into actually normal normal mode.

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