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"What is a meme?"
"Memes is what gives us power. They're created by all living things. They surround us and penetrate us."
"Er... Really? According to whom?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Listening to Ben Prunty’s Gravity Ghost soundtrack. This was the first album where I realized I liked the soundtrack more than the actual game. It’s still great.

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As a programmer it's been really hard to wean myself off of thinking in terms of global solutions. This, in comparison to building local or community technology.

Thinking this way can make things harder (now your tech needs need to scale to the world) and not useful (different people in different places have different needs).

This kind of blew my mind: like, you can just go and build a piece of tech and only give it to your friends & the immediate people it's helpful for. You don't *need* to design for The World. I think this kind of thinking is really important for breaking away from capitalistic modes of thinking.

Finally got wi-fi printing working on my 3D printer. It's now roughly as fucntional as wi-fi printing on my paper printer.

Today is one of those days where the corporate-ness just won't wash off.

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Every social media network is, like, 90% ads today.

Except this one.

12 years running.

You can read all 50,000 words, and I'm going to keep adding to the story, albeit at a slower pace.

I can't spell "necessary" without help but "coruscating" I got right on the first try. I think the language centers of my brain are broken, and I'm worried that I'm out of warranty.

47178 words. Par for today: 46676. For the first time since November 10th I'm above the par line.

Also I'm enjoying the writing process right now, even if the actual execution is a bit iffy. I'm deeper into the plot of than I have ever been and I'm really enjoying exploring new territory.

41254 words. 20 minutes to midnight. Tomorrow I should pass the "you should have this many words to finish on time" line. I could possibly do it tonight, but the latest part of the story was hard to write and I'd rather be done.

Okay somehow my word deficit has increased to 6000ish words. but I've got this weekend and the long Thanksgiving break, so I'll make it back.

I'm really enjoying this pass through Pacifica, and I'm loving the feedback from the people who are reading it.

I'm closing the gap. Yesterday I was 4000 words behind, today I'm only 3500 words behind.

Getting closer!

Even though it's hard work, I really love . The mental exercise of world- and character-building makes my brain feel all sparkly. Even if nobody ever reads what I write, it's worth it just for this feeling.

Today's update of is actually about three days' worth of writing. I'm about 6000 words "behind" right now, which is honestly just about par for the course.

My favorite :vim: mistake:

[types a 5-digit database ID]
"Oops, I was in normal mode"
[switches to insert mode]
[Makes an edit]
[switches back to normal mode]
[vim repeats the edit tens of thousands of times]

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