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Everyone talks about Apple’s Space ship building, but nobody talks about’s peace sign building. ☮️

I just bought a copy of a board game that's older than me on eBay. I've liked Acquire in all its forms, but nothing beats the original 3M plastic pieces on a grid. I'll probably post pictures when it arrives.

A base-level Mac Pro + the fancy monitor to go with it is $11,000, unless you want a monitor stand, then it's $12,000.

It's like they WANT me to build a Hackintosh.

Do people actually like sleep, or do we just like being less tired? I do enjoy the few moments when I lay down and get all comfortable in bed, but if I could arrange it so that I was never sleepy again I definitely would.

Right now I'm the kind of tired that is just happy to sit and relax.

This is much better than the kind of tired that makes my brain feel like a block of granite that needs to crash down through the lower bound of consciousness into the sea of sleep!

But it's still not a great feeling at the start of a workday.

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I've talked about this before, but let me do it again.

The US is more or less run by the entertainment industry.

Creating your own music, art, movies, books, videogames, podcasts, and stage plays within the US is an act that robs the established power structures of attention.

Making media is an act of radicalism, of protest, and of outright rebellion.

Support local music. Go to a community theater. get a bunch of weird nerds together in a basement and film a talkshow.

Fight back.

Streaming random music from my server running on a NAS back home and Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" came on. I could only think "yeah, that's about right".

My two youngest children--one preliterate, the other a beginning reader--are playing a two-person game of Apples to Apples with rules they just made up. It is fascinating. The going rate is three green cards to two red cards in active trading.

I really love this idea. I'm always exited when people stop racing to the "top" in terms of specs and pixels and CPU and such and instead move outward, into the weird and wild possibilities that exist around inexpensive hardware.

You know those people who never eat at a restaurant because they used to work there? I’m in a cloud computing class and the main thing I’ve learned is that it is time to get off of any public cloud.

@ttscoff I'm really loving Bunch! This is similar to how I handle my tmux setups and really works for me! Nice work on the morning project.

Dear my phone,

It’s “time”. I’m always writing “time”. It’s never “tome”. Ever.

Well, okay, that time it was tome.

My lack of spelling ability affects my writing style. I often use the word “requisite” because I can’t spell the word “necessary”. 🙃

Comics like this are why I love Wondermark. Live in the mystery!

There is a pair of ravens that has made a nest in a tree near our house. We have taken to calling them Edgar and Lenore.

Uncanny valley eye contact 

Looking at ’s latest terminal and Linux announcements. Could MS be planning to do what Apple did with OSX and move Windows to be a GUI on top of a POSIX system?

Just sent a work email including a lot of words like:

* Missive
* Sanguine
* Choleric
* Phlegmatic
* Insurmountable
* Immutable

It's not every day you get to reference three of the four humors!

Power outage update: the kids are building a giant fort. In the basement.

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