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🌧️ The weather apparently looked at this valley and thought "I remember when that was a huge lake. Let's do that again."

Doctor Who 

Doctor Who 

That feeling when you realize you're as old as any two of your class team mates put together.

Changed a tire on our minivan last night. It was a nice reminder that even if I'm a desk-job guy I can still do manual labor.

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Just played with the family. First time I’ve played that game in years. I had forgotten how simple and fun it is!

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Two problems with Apple's + service:
1.) I don't want to read magazines. I really don't want to pay $10/month to read magazines.

2.) There already exists a very good, free way to keep track of emergent content that interests you: it's called .

I’ve been thinking about text based games a lot lately, all the way from huge commercial products like to writing something in or . Not sure what it is about the concept that has caught my attention, but I need to figure it out.

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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ~ Anne Lamott

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Doesn't Big Ben look gorgeous restored to its original color of Prussian Blue with a gold inlay?

Just saw a guy on the train wearing a Big Star t-shirt. That made me happy.

Rainy day and honestly I love it! March rain is a great reminder that it’s finally too warm for snow. 🌧 ☔️

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Every time I try to clean up my office:

I end up gathering stuff in piles and start moving things around until it looks worse than it did before I began :thaenkin:

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Opened a long-running notebook for the first time in a while last night...

Whereas the first year I wrote in it (2010) had 50+ pages written, last year I wrote 3 sentences.

So I sat for a few minutes and wrote until I ended up in a new place. I felt the ink on the paper, basked in the varying scribbles I made, poured out some honest words, and made some discoveries that instantly lifted my mood. Just *writing* did that. I don't do it nearly enough.

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Frogmob Life

Hey there! The frogmob life is a simple, calm life. Frogs don't waste energy on anger and fighting. Or something. I like those two words together and my very first ever website was called, so I resurrected that here in the fediverse. Expect this text to change. We are interested in low-stress, happy and open discussions of life, faith, the universe, and Doctor Who.