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I really liked this snow when I was staying home and playing with the kids in the backyard. Today, when I’m trying to get to work, I’m kinda over it.

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Sadly, my eclipse pictures, that I took with my phone, look like I took them with my phone. The full eclipse last night was pretty cool, though.

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I just spent an hour reading the changelog for Mastodon v2.7.0 and the Highlights blog post:

It's pretty amazing the amount of work that goes into a Mastodon release. Contributors, you rock!

Just learned about 's "Multi-Account Containers" and I love the idea. Whenever I have to use I have it open in a google-only "container", keeping all of Google's cookies and stuff away from anything else I'm doing. Ditto Amazon and Ebay and others. Now each of them is free to spy on whatever I'm doing with their site, not what I do anywhere else.

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"So, what do you do while the servers are imaging?"


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Taking my youngest in for a tonsillectomy early tomorrow morning. I know that the odds are highly in favor of everything turning out fine, but now is the time of terrors.

Can anyone explain to me why on earth the A-Team theme song is stuck in my head? It's been at least fifteen years since I've even seen the A-Team; why is my brain convinced that playing the theme on infinite loop is now priority #1?

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An issue of Gnosis Magazine themed on "Pop Culture & the Esoteric" from the Summer of 1994 is sitting at this coffee shop so of course I picked it up to peruse. I found this article written by a guy who'd been using the internet from 1982-1994 and his conclusion is it won't expand human consciousness to a higher level, or even result in meaningful dialogue. Note that the World Wide Web was so young it didn't even get mentioned in the glossary at the end. (W3C would be founded ~3 months later!)

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The Ys II Soundtrack has a song called "Apathetic Story" that I'm fairly sure was supposed to be titled "A Pathetic Story". What a difference a space makes. 🎼

It's a great song, and a great soundtrack, nonetheless.

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There's a new story on Monday Stories!

The Most Beautiful Song in the World

The most beautiful song ever recorded is a simple, unassuming tune. Quiet, dulcet, soothing rather than rousing, it’s a piece of music that gently moves you toward sleep, instead of to a fever pitch of emotion. Everyone who has ever heard it has come away feeling refreshed and healed.

The song was written by a musici

Three inches of new, wet snow on the ground today. This is the kind of day I’m really glad I just get on the train and let someone else worry about dealing with this weather. 🚈

A Novelist in Business School: Make it Stick

“A Novelist In Business School”, is a series about putting my literary arts brain through formal management training.

I’ve always thought of myself on being an excellent learner, and staying curious all my life. But my innate curiosity doesn’t have a lot of bearing on formal education, because on my own I can be


Hey, hi!
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Okay, I think I've finally nailed down my algorithm for determining if it's warm enough to eat lunch outside:
1. Can liquid water exist?
2. What about in direct sunlight?
3. What if it's like, in a black bowl, in direct sunlight?

if any of the answers are yes-like, I'll eat outside. If they're all no I'll think about eating in the breakroom, then go eat somewhere else instead.

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