Re-re-re-re-discovering Vivaldi. Last time I tried to use it I stopped because it inexplicably had problems with some of my organization's internal websites, but we seem to have fixed those. I really like the tinker-able nature of Vivaldi, and the fact that it responds to system services and events (glares at Firefox).


And now I know about Micro! Definitely installing this on various boxen.


Wordle 217 6/6

I always feel so dumb when it’s a very simple word that takes me six tries.


Wordle 216 5/6

I like this pattern.

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Wordle 215 6/6


That was close.

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Wordle 213 3/6


These are easier than mastermind because they have to be words instead of truly random sequences.

Every time I think about re-learning SmallTalk/Pharo I also get interested in learning AppleScript. The internal debate between them is largely around which would be more “useful” which is a silly debate.

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Wordle 212 4/6


I know wordle is just Mastermind with words, but hey, I like mastermind, and I like words!

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Hey, I got it eventually
Wordle 211 6/6


a little annoyed that the :raspberrypi: Raspberry Pi foundation has upgraded to Debian Bullseye but still isn't supporting a 64-bit version of the OS for RPI-4/400 version hardware. There IS a 64-bit version, but it's not really supported. Not sure why.

I kind of hate being forced by my employer to use Outlook as my mail client. But Outlook is starting to be less bad than it was. I like Microsoft as a scrappy underdog because they're willing to try things and innovate, even in the stodgy world of email.

Here's another secret. You can read free EPUB's on your Kobo, or Kindle, or in Apple's "Books" app. They work very well! You don't need to buy books from Amazon or Kobo or Apple to avail yourself of their offerings. The more we request and use that functionality, the more likely it is to remain a supported feature.

:obsidian: 's live preview of Markdown is good enough that I actually use it. No other markdown-enabled system has been able to make that claim. I've always written in pure markdown mode and used to view the rendered version. I still love Marked for all the places that aren't obsidian. (thank you @ttscoff for Marked!) but it's nice to have my main personal knowledge base be good enough at live preview to make my notes look good without outside help.

How to add fonts to your Kobo eReader:
1. Create a directory named "fonts"
2. Put the fonts in there.

Turns out this also works with some (most? all?) Kindles.

I'm sure everyone else already knew this, but EPUB files are just a zip file with a specifically formatted website inside. You can edit EPUB's if you have any web development knowledge. Basic CSS and HTML is all you need.

My new shampoo smells like the 1980's to me. Apparently almond oil and aloe were prevalent scents in my life back then?

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