It's days like this that make me doubt the value of having panic attacks until 3 AM as a coping strategy. Sure, it's fun at the time, but somehow it didn't make everything better.

@fribbledom I can see that appearing to be the case from a police officer’s perspective; the only time they brush up against the dark web is when someone is using it for bad stuff™️. Which is why we need citizen oversight of law enforcement policy. The only way to improve on your perspective is to gain additional perspectives.

From a certain point of view an MBA is just an expensive way to get yourself uninvited from all the interesting Slack channels at work.

Yeah, this looks about right: I write a lot of words and get most of them wrong the first time.

The socks of shame. I only wear promotional socks when I don’t have any other clean socks.

Just confirmed what I've suspected for a long time. This is part of why web development is so much fun.

@robert I would say that every human alive has so much potential that even if they're not doing anything right now we still can't discount them.

People are like batteries, I guess? Some are actively powering their dreams, some are still waiting to find the right application for their talents, and some are charging up for their next big thing.

VSCode is not only cross-platform, but surprisingly good.

Also just discovered that PowerShell is now open source and remarkably adept as a bash scripting replacement.

What...what's going on here? Since when is Microsoft cool?

My Data Warehousing professor looks like Chandler from Friends. It's very hard to take him seriously when I expect him to stop mid-lecture to ask Ross why he had a monkey in season 1.

One more. I want him to just say, "Could this data BE any less transactional?"

okay I'm done. But he's not. Still got half an hour of lectures to watch.

@jeff so sorry! Hope she recovers completely!

I just discovered Denied, an app that lets you filter music on streaming services based on rules you set. It's sad that neither Spotify nor Apple Music are any good at this on their own, but hey, that's what third parties are for!

At any rate, my first two rules are definitely the most important.

@fribbledom Turns out almost every deviation is a standard deviation.

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You realize we now all want to know who this co-worker is! 😂

@ttscoff I 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 wish I'd discovered this earlier in my degree program... There are so many classes where I had to keep finding and switching between PDFs and my notes... Still, AWESOME!

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I stupidly just figured out that I can use ctrl-drag to connect nodes in Retrobatch, thereby solving my one frustration with it. One should check these things prior to writing reviews… (post updated)

@ttscoff I just renewed my subscription for three years and cancelled all my other VPN subscriptions that I can remember. I've been really impressed with NordVPN's speed and reliability lately.

Quick question: (please boost, I'd love a wide array of answers!)

Has anyone ever actually found a new job via LinkedIn?

Was it through a real connection, meaning someone you actually know, or was it through a recruiter who reached out to you on the platform?

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