My spooky season avatar was designed by @andecoas and I LOVE it!

Need a few commissions slots filled before October 7th so I can buy groceries for my mother and I.

Would appreciate if you could share my commissions around!​

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I don't know whose job it was, but I feel like someone should have told me I would like the album "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" back when it came out.

Also Dinosaur Jr.

Utterly pointless, Wordle 

Today I learned that I forget the Wordle word within seconds of solving the puzzle. It's not a word game, it's a logic game; the meaning has no meaning.

Diabetes, blood mention 

I finally did the thing: “oops, I got a tiny cut that is bleeding. Welp, May as well get a blood test!” (My glucose level was well in range, I’m good.)

Just had a :dnd: D&D "bottle episode" where my players spent the entire time in a dining room, sparring verbally and politically instead of with swords and such. It was a fun change of pace!

AI nonsense, Rome 

This is very weird and silly and honestly kinda fun to play with. It's interesting to be here at the phase where "AI" is capable of being a good toy and an interesting experimental playground.

Anyway I got to talk to (fake) Cicero for a while. I've always wanted to. the AI had to make a few weird guesses (Cicero and computers for example, and predicting the actions of Caesar Augustus, who was 16 when the real Cicero died...) but this isn't terrible.

I'm on cohost! I don't know *why* I'm on cohost. I feel like non-algorithmic social networks like this one work...or *can* work, at any rate. So far the only real advantage cohost seems to have over :mastodon: is that **markdown actually works dangit**


Dall-E nonsense 

It's pretty clear that Dall-E 2's library of Roger Dean images is...lacking. But it still managed to come up with some fascinating images.

When I want to look at things on Twitter I really love that exists to give me that one essential degree of separation.


this reminds me of the Douglas Adams quote:

"...sometimes unusually intelligent and sensitive children can appear to be stupid. But...stupid children can sometimes appear to be stupid as well. I think that's something you might have to consider. I know it's very painful."

but, like, in reverse.

@checkervest @RichWhite

I really enjoy how the original post is a very simple statement that Tuesdays can be hard. Then you click on the thread and are plunged headlong into a capitalist apocalypse short story with a strong dinner theme.

To this day I feel that learning :vim: Vim-style movement and commands is the highest return-on-investment learning activity I have undertaken.

Well, I guess my master's degree has paid more in terms of what I make per year.

You know what I mean.

Someday all the interested parties will agree on a keyboard shortcut for "let me pick an emoji please" and I won't have to remember if it's : or 🪟+ ; or ^+ ⌘+ ␣ or whatever else.

Instead of a personality I now have the Xenoblade Chronicles. Send help.

Or more JRPGs.

Either one.

@welshpixie @blindcoder Oh yes! I love TL 1 and 2, they are cozy little dungeons. I even dip into 3 every now and again. Not as good but still fun.

I've been playing with Dall-E and seeing how it interprets They Might Be Giants dada-ist lyrics. I present to you: Mink Car.

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