@mara_cav_ Vickie is on my short list of Civ enemies that I will straight up END if given a chance. I normally play Civ to win with science or culture, but if Victoria or Alexander are on the map I go full Rambo on them. Then get back to science or culture.

Hey there :fediverse: !

Quick question: is anyone watching the current season of ? Is it...fun? All my whovian friends say it's just really preachy and earnest and...𝒈𝒐𝒐𝒅, but not actually 𝒇𝒖𝒏. The only way I have to watch it is to pony up for the whole season and I'm not sure if I'm ready to do so. I love Jodie as 13 and Team :tardis: but the writing last season just wasn't my favorite. Any and all comments are welcome!

@mara_cav_ Very thoughtful and beautifully self-aware.

My wife and I have had many discussions about what parts of our respective family parenting styles we want to keep and what we want to jettison. It's a long term project and we definitely make mistakes but we're still working at it. I tell my kids the same thing my dad told me: I want them to better than I ever was, to learn from my mistakes so they can avoid them.

12 bookcases moved back in where they go. Our house is coming together. Also found out I have a cavity, first in 25 years. Take that, hubris!

Watching history videos + listening to history podcasts pros and cons 

This is very weird graffiti. It looks like some kid from the Shire trying to act out.

I love and the new . But I miss the old closing credits theme song. I know nostalgia is at work here, but to me, it's perfect.

Interviewing with a new company today. This is a "who you know" interview; they hired someone who recommended me. I should probably figure out what the company is called before this interview...

Literally just took one thousand pounds of old carpet and broken furniture to the dump. Spring cleaning came early this year. Also WOW kids are hard on carpet and furniture.

A surefire way to piss off someone who's giving you advice (i.e. controlling people, parents etc.) 

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@mara_cav_ When I was in the Philippines people knew I was American, but would ask what state I was from. When I was feeling snarky I would make up states to see if anyone noticed. For a while there I was from the great state of Minniconsin.

@ttscoff We studied that in a marketing class. The Baby Boomers are a huge generation, and were the first to have money as teens. Which led to them having babies late, meaning that Gen-X was abnormally small. Also some stuff about 9-11 changed the definition of "generations" The upshot is that most kids-of-boomers ended up being labelled Millennials. So I'm Gen-X, but my sister, 3 years younger than me, is a Millennial.

The upshot is that Gen-X is too small to matter. Also we're apathetic.

What we don't know hurts us the most.

Coming back to work after all this diabetes stress feels...so...trivial. Trying to remember how to act like work stuff matters.

He gets to come home from the hospital tomorrow!

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