@libreoffice I bought a boxed copy of StarOffice in 2002. Big ol' manual and everything. Kinda wish I still had that manual.

I really love how helpful tries to be when setting up common things like for loops. It's always fairly intelligent, but this one also made me smile. We don't use the word nearly enough.

I'm a dev team lead at work. I enjoy collaborating with other software developers, and love the energy you can get bouncing ideas off of another person.

But when the professor says you're doing a "team project" my heart dies a little bit. A team you're going to work with for a semester ≠ a real software team. When a prof says "you have to work in teams because that's how you'll work in industry" I know they've never worked in industry.

🌧️ The weather apparently looked at this valley and thought "I remember when that was a huge lake. Let's do that again."

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@ttscoff you know I did! You and Dr. Penny working on an app together? Awesome!

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I've been watching that as well, and it's amazing. It somehow feels more "right" than Web 2.0 comment sections, each person saying what they want to say in their own space, replying to and including others' writing but with a message that's wholly new and unique.

That feeling when you realize you're as old as any two of your class team mates put together.

Changed a tire on our minivan last night. It was a nice reminder that even if I'm a desk-job guy I can still do manual labor.

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Just played with the family. First time I’ve played that game in years. I had forgotten how simple and fun it is!

@robert one of my developers said “I didn’t even notice until I saw the sparkly mouse trail” and I was just confused. How do you not notice???

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Two problems with Apple's + service:
1.) I don't want to read magazines. I really don't want to pay $10/month to read magazines.

2.) There already exists a very good, free way to keep track of emergent content that interests you: it's called .

I’ve been thinking about text based games a lot lately, all the way from huge commercial products like to writing something in or . Not sure what it is about the concept that has caught my attention, but I need to figure it out.

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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ~ Anne Lamott

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