I bought Neon Abyss on a steam sale and now I just want to play Neon Abyss

And, clocking in at 6,800 words, my short story about the birth of Wren Chastain is finished.

Well, the first draft.

If you like these characters, they're part of a novel I wrote for last year, called "Exchange Magic". This is a prequel to that novel.



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I'm part of an organizational IT committee. Every agenda item yesterday sounded like this:

"This initiative addresses an urgent need. We expect to have early feasibility studies done by 2023, beta testing with select groups by 2099, and a full roll out five minutes before the heat death of the universe."

Poolsuite.fm is pretty great. Just sayin'.



My :dnd: D&D Secret: I've been sneaking concepts from Index Card RPG into my D&D campaigns. Things like timers are good for upping the stress, while the "effort" system makes things like lockpicking more interesting. The ICRPG Core book is almost as useful to me as the DMG.

I asked software to read my handwriting. None of these words are in the original document, I think it gave up and just started doing freeverse poetry instead.

How does This work.pdf

Hou dous This works
suddenly its
all hered
And puple works a ell
Thick lines included.

A meeting where I'm not on the agenda is almost as good as a rest.

What...what have I become??

I'm trying to just move forward on my current short story (that is in danger of becoming a novella) so that I don't lose momentum. I figure a finished first draft is better than an unfinished but revised draft.

But I'm second guessing myself. Of course.


today I think is a Toad the Wet Sprocket kind of day. 🐸⚙️

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part of being a manager is not laughing a bitter, hollow laugh when developers complain about having too many meetings.

the spelling of the word "succinct" directly flies in the face of the definition of the word. Nobody needs 3/8ths of the word to be the letter c. That's just extravagant.

Extravagant, by the way, exactly pairs its spelling and meaning. Likewise "Lavish"

Anyway these are the things I think about when I'm supposed to be making wireframes for work.

My kids like Tron: Legacy better than original Tron. We recently re watched both and I might be coming around to their point of view.


I have! It looks pretty good, but not better enough than Resilio Sync or Synology Drive to make me switch, or add yet another sync thing. :D

things I've done while waiting for blasted iCloud Drive to set itself up on my new computer:
- Completely redesigned my desk
- Decided to stop using iCloud
- Discovered iCloud is inexplicably still an Intel process on M1 computers
- Shopped for Linux computers
- Helped my wife set up her new phone
- Wrote this
- looked into ways to copy all my files that I actually use OUT of iCloud and into a sync service that actually works
- researched usb hubs

oh, huh, this Macbook Pro applies "true tone" to external monitors, something my previous mac hilariously failed to do.


Cloud services that have failed me enough to be replaced:
- DropBox
- iCloud

The replacements:
- Resilio Sync
- Synology Drive

My new “Dresden Files” RPG fudge dice. Shortly after these arrived I found my other, long lost set of fudge dice. Oops, I guess I have MORE dice now.

Just found a Field Notes notebook in a pair of pants I don’t wear frequently. Which is kinda fun.

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