I've been completely re-writing my novel over on . (this is the fourth full draft, as near as I can tell.)

I'm publishing it in more-or-less real time as I add chapters, feel free to have a look and let me know what you think!


Trying to write banter for my characters. It is as hard as writing action sequences. They both require careful timing. Now I know why Hemingway wrote the way he did.

Another fun thing to do as a
Create vague history. Players love filling in the gaps. I just sent my players a letter sketching in the details of an ancient band of adventurers (actually a bunch of my own characters from other campaigns) and they are FIRED UP to follow in the old party's footsteps. :dnd:

Update: I didn’t. I just stared out the window and listened to music. ?

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Trying for hosting my :nanowrimo: novel for this year. I like a lot of things about WorldAnvil, but the (beta) version of "manuscripts" isn't really one of them. Still, I'm determined to stick to it for the month. Feel free to read along here:

And, clocking in at 6,800 words, my short story about the birth of Wren Chastain is finished.

Well, the first draft.

If you like these characters, they're part of a novel I wrote for last year, called "Exchange Magic". This is a prequel to that novel.



I'm trying to just move forward on my current short story (that is in danger of becoming a novella) so that I don't lose momentum. I figure a finished first draft is better than an unfinished but revised draft.

But I'm second guessing myself. Of course.


In high school, in 1994, my best friend and I invented a holiday. I think 2020 is a good year to bring it back.



I am the master of interior design, as long as you're good with an "all books" aesthetic.



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