The difference between "real science" and "something my kids made up" is getting thinner and thinner.

My 3YO daughter wrote her own character sheet. For those of you who don’t read toddler, she said her skills are:

- being nice
- flying
- being kind
- unicorns

Little weird for the sci-fi story her brothers were going for, but we made it work.

There are two problems people run into when they add logging to a project: not logging enough, and logging far too much.

Sometimes one distraction just isn't enough. That's where picture-in-picture comes in.

I'm both pleased that my iPad can do this and ashamed that I'm apparently incapable of focusing on anything.

Amethyst sky at morning. If you look really close you can see the moon up there. 🌙

I appreciate that at least tried to make sense of the cast list. But now I want an episode with all five modern doctors and Rose. :tardis:

@jeff Two full years ahead is probably good enough. For now. Thanks for all the !

Whoa whoa whoa, settle down there, LinkedIn, sweetie. Take a breath and just say it once.

Also, didn't I tell you to stop emailing me?

This is....not good. Not at all. Turns out one should not buy beverages "ironically".

If I had to describe the flavor I'd call it "ground up potpourri from my grandma's guest bedroom".

Played some Trogdor the with the family today, using Homestar Runner meeples as peasants. We were all doing all the characters’ voices, and we are all bad at all of them except for the Cheat. It was a crazy amount of fun!

Plex, audiobooks, and River Song. Long commutes aren’t all bad!

Super excited to finally play a game with the Burninator!


My other pics turned out...poorly, but this one works. For being printed in 1972 this thing is in amazing shape, and apparently has never been played. The money was still all in packs, like notebooks, held together with glue. I'll try to get a picture of the stacks we haven't separated yet.

Everyone talks about Apple’s Space ship building, but nobody talks about’s peace sign building. ☮️

Uncanny valley eye contact 

Absolutely love the components in . Metal coins, wooden tokens, gorgeous painted art. AND the game is fun to boot!

I really love how helpful tries to be when setting up common things like for loops. It's always fairly intelligent, but this one also made me smile. We don't use the word nearly enough.

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