When your PR Department has no idea what they're writing about, but you have to get that announcement up anyway. :fediverse:

“Twelfth Doctor-DragonBallZ-Walmart” would almost be a good password, because the three concepts refuse to all fit in your head at the same time. frogmob.life/media/ZbqJ6nNpiGW

Oh good, I got ✅out of 0 points. I hope that's a good score?

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Going for an “every Doctor I can” thing this year :dw: I don’t have any 13 swag yet, sadly. frogmob.life/media/yGuPgxxfMLi

Look, gas pump, I barely know you. When I buy books at B&N, the cashier and I don’t add each other on social media. This isn’t how people work.

I have so many questions...but you already knew that.

Hey I'm a new book! If you're interested in settling git fights I can help with that. I've been training teams on using for years, so this is gonna be good!


I appreciate a professor that puts this as an answer on a multiple choice assignment.

It seems like this street would be mostly awesome, but occasionally full of p(l)otholes. :tardis:

Picked up last week and it’s a family hit. It took a few minutes to explain the rules to the kids, but there’s enough depth to keep it interesting.

At last, I can create the MGMT/Blink-182/Murray Gold mashup I've always dreamed about.

Okay, I created it. It was kinda epic.

is awesome.

What on earth is a center for
...no, you know what, never mind. Don't wanna know.

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Hey there! The frogmob life is a simple, calm life. Frogs don't waste energy on anger and fighting. Or something. I like those two words together and my very first ever website was called frogmob.com, so I resurrected that here in the fediverse. Expect this text to change. We are interested in low-stress, happy and open discussions of life, faith, the universe, and Doctor Who.