My other pics turned out...poorly, but this one works. For being printed in 1972 this thing is in amazing shape, and apparently has never been played. The money was still all in packs, like notebooks, held together with glue. I'll try to get a picture of the stacks we haven't separated yet.

Everyone talks about Apple’s Space ship building, but nobody talks about’s peace sign building. ☮️

Uncanny valley eye contact 

Absolutely love the components in . Metal coins, wooden tokens, gorgeous painted art. AND the game is fun to boot!

I really love how helpful tries to be when setting up common things like for loops. It's always fairly intelligent, but this one also made me smile. We don't use the word nearly enough.

Doctor Who 

love, wildflowers 

Embedded Image 

Yeah, this looks about right: I write a lot of words and get most of them wrong the first time.

The socks of shame. I only wear promotional socks when I don’t have any other clean socks.

Just confirmed what I've suspected for a long time. This is part of why web development is so much fun.

I just discovered Denied, an app that lets you filter music on streaming services based on rules you set. It's sad that neither Spotify nor Apple Music are any good at this on their own, but hey, that's what third parties are for!

At any rate, my first two rules are definitely the most important.

When I'm buying a carrying case my first question is always "how does it handle a fist being photoshopped on top of it?"

Her brothers and I were playing the Switch and she wanted to play. So we gave her a Logitech trackball and she was good. Although something about this look suggests that she knows what’s going on.

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