I really love how helpful tries to be when setting up common things like for loops. It's always fairly intelligent, but this one also made me smile. We don't use the word nearly enough.

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Yeah, this looks about right: I write a lot of words and get most of them wrong the first time.

The socks of shame. I only wear promotional socks when I don’t have any other clean socks.

Just confirmed what I've suspected for a long time. This is part of why web development is so much fun.

I just discovered Denied, an app that lets you filter music on streaming services based on rules you set. It's sad that neither Spotify nor Apple Music are any good at this on their own, but hey, that's what third parties are for!

At any rate, my first two rules are definitely the most important.


When I'm buying a carrying case my first question is always "how does it handle a fist being photoshopped on top of it?"

Her brothers and I were playing the Switch and she wanted to play. So we gave her a Logitech trackball and she was good. Although something about this look suggests that she knows what’s going on.

One of my kids was playing with these and I was like, “oh cool, like Donut County!”

They gave me a blank stare and said “what’s Donut County?”

Somebody, somewhere, knows why there is an arrow pointing at that screw.

I bought this deck box almost two years ago and haven’t found a use for it until now. It fits my (current) needs!

Playing My Little Scythe, which @michael gave us for Christmas! So far we love it!

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Frogmob Life

Hey there! The frogmob life is a simple, calm life. Frogs don't waste energy on anger and fighting. Or something. I like those two words together and my very first ever website was called frogmob.com, so I resurrected that here in the fediverse. Expect this text to change. We are interested in low-stress, happy and open discussions of life, faith, the universe, and Doctor Who.