MST3K Season 13 

They changed "Gypsy" to "GPC". It almost sounds the same if you like, squint your ears, but not quite. I'm guessing this was done to be sensitive to people who have been marginalized/criminalized for centuries. I can be slightly confused for a season in service of that.

Other than that, the few episodes I've watched of season 13 so far follow the pattern of really good riffing and really painful host sketches.

MST3K Season 13 

@nate I just started catching up on the modern MST3K with The Gauntlet, it certainly hasn't lost any of its silly humour; some of the best TV I've seen in ages. Being a Brit the more current and universal references make for less confusion and more giggles.

MST3K Season 13 

@wordsmith I really love that season! The Mac and Me episode is as good as any of the “greats” from the classic series, like Manos or Space Mutiny.

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