Starting to worry that I won't finish :nanowrimo: by the end of November.

Granted, this is roughly when I start to have that worry EVERY November. But what if this year is the year that I'm RIGHT?

@nate How is your daily writing cadence going? I remember having to write at least 2 hours every day or not making it to the minimum reqs of a "novel". Would love to take another jab next year, working on my own non-fiction book atm.

@wouter If I just pound out words I can usually get to the magical "1667" in 90 minutes. The problem is that I am doing non-writing things like "thinking" this time due to a very loose outline.

I would like to pretend that I am good at having a stable "cadence" or even "consistent writing time" but thirteen years of NaNoWriMo and three tech books later, that's still a happy dream.

@nate did writing the tech books alter the flow of it? I wrote a book on the science of bread and the theoretical part was painfully slow, while the adventure part (intrenship tales etc) was a breeze. I can barely get in 1k words a day now, and it's supposed to go well, related to my research...
Writing about bread was a lot more fun than writing about coding.
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