Fever: ✅

Cough: ✅

Shortness of breath: Not really. (I’ve never paid much attention to how much air I can move but I can still breathe really deep, I guess? Seems deep.)

Have I been in contact with a person who has been in a hotspot country? No.

So even though I meet two criteria, I can’t be tested because I don’t meet three. There aren’t enough tests available.


Thankfully I have lots of sick time and I am well situated to work from home when I feel well enough to do so. Self imposed home quarantine heads into day four.

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For the record I’m willing to believe this is COVID, and I’m willing to believe it’s influenza. Either way I’m staying put until it blows over.

Mercifully my wife seems to have a much milder case and my kids have all thus far shown mild symptoms that cleared in 24 hours, or have shown no symptoms.

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