Yesterday a writer friend came to me with the question: 'Do you think anyone has ever done this before?' regarding a concept he had.

It was a cool idea but not unique. But as I tried to explain to him -- it's not about whether it's unique. It's how you write it.

He's pretty adamant that a concept should be unique and is the kind of person who usually responds to other people's suggestions with, 'That's just X' or 'That's just X meets Y'.

Where do you guys fall on this?



@vicorva I used to worry that if something I was working on wasn't 100% original people would hate it and throw garbage at me.

I told a friend of mine this and they said "remember that the saying 'there is nothing new under the sun' is itself about 4000 years old."

For some reason that helped me chill on the "originality" front. Now I'm trying to focus on finding my own voice and saying what I want to say regardless of who has said it before.

@nate this is so well put. I'm glad you have found a peaceful place from which to grow your writing. :)

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