Curious to know what all you and lovers think about the new Fantasy Flight game? It looks interesting, but having each deck be a set thing and $10 a shot seems odd.

@nate I'm a fan of many FFG card games―#Netrunner foremost―and I'm super-intrigued by #KeyForge.

I like draft/sealed formats and KeyForge feels like an accelerated version of that experience. At best, I'm hoping that opening and playing any given deck feels close to what you would have done as a player if you were drafting or building from a sealed pool.

@nate However, I'm sympathetic to the criticisms and I think it will all hinge on how well the design as an integrated whole holds up.

If it turns out that too many decks feel non-functional and comparatively unfun, then the $10 will feel like a waste. The subsequent question becomes something uncomfortable―how much do you need to spend on decks before you're having fun?

But if the majority of the time you're getting something that feels "pilotable?" $10 could feel well-spent.

yeah, I really want to give it a shot, and see how it shakes out. If it's good it could be very good, and I like the "up and running" aspect of it. I can also see it being good for flattening the field, because you're less likely to get destroyed by people who "understand the meta" better than you.

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