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Hey, you!

Yeah, you. The one reading this.

You're pretty cool!

Anyway. Just wanted to say that. Later!

When I want to look at things on Twitter I really love that exists to give me that one essential degree of separation.

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To this day I feel that learning :vim: Vim-style movement and commands is the highest return-on-investment learning activity I have undertaken.

Well, I guess my master's degree has paid more in terms of what I make per year.

You know what I mean.

Someday all the interested parties will agree on a keyboard shortcut for "let me pick an emoji please" and I won't have to remember if it's : or 🪟+ ; or ^+ ⌘+ ␣ or whatever else.

Instead of a personality I now have the Xenoblade Chronicles. Send help.

Or more JRPGs.

Either one.

I've been playing with Dall-E and seeing how it interprets They Might Be Giants dada-ist lyrics. I present to you: Mink Car.

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch...
(yep, Dall-E art)


At first this looked like a joke font, but I set one of my less-used editors to use it and have been playing around with it for an hour or so and it's surprisingly easy to parse.

I honestly don't know what to do with this information.

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Egregious Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and 3 Spoilers 

Why is nobody talking about this hilarious picture from the end of Xenoblade 3? So glad Nia held on to this memento of Rex and his THREE WIVES?!?

Possible Mild Xenoblade Chronicles 3 spoiler 

The moment I saw this character in I thought, "Oh look, they put Brad Shoemaker in the game!" It's Anime Brad!

Hey it's Bandcamp Friday! Go support some musicians you love with a far better revenue share than they'll ever see on streaming services!

My wife and I watched Dr. Strangelove last night and a bunch of our kids joined. Thoughts:
1. Why does a movie made in 1964 feel so real in 2022?
2. Peter Sellers is amazing
3. Also George C. Scott
4. Kids do not care for Stanley Kubrick style dark humor.

Here's the value of :fediverse: Fediverse style social media to me: I saw that someone new followed me (hi @dajb ), and went to check out their profile. Doing so opened a rich seam of resources that relate to thoughts I've been having lately.

Of particular interest at present is NVC (non-violent communication), but I've had similar experiences numerous times here and I'm grateful.

The weather is nice enough that I still have the window open in the middle of the day. Summer is finally ending!


Quick self-reminder: to date, getting angry has yet to solve a single problem in my life.

Getting motivated to change things has solved many problems.

Dall-E is like getting postcards from a slightly weird parallel universe.

Sometimes "no stress" means "clearly we're both already stressed out, let's not add this to our shared list of stressors."

I just got these today from Steve Jackson Games. I can't wait to be really annoying in a :dnd: session and announce "sweet, I got a nat XX!"

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#Calligraphy prices! This is all for digital work, I'll get you a high res scan that you can print or use your end. Prices in USD.

1-3 large words - $10
4+ large words = $15
One small verse - $20
Several verses on A5 - $25
Several verses on A5 with decorative border - $35
Verses on A4 - $30
Verses on A4 with decorative border - $40

They'll be done in black ink, blackletter font.

DM me first with what you want because I'll have to check what size paper it'll fit on.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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