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Hey, you!

Yeah, you. The one reading this.

You're pretty cool!

Anyway. Just wanted to say that. Later!

My wife bought me a Kobo eReader…on Amazon. Seems like kind of a weird flex but I’m good with it.

Seriously considering adding a hosts file entry to avoid going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond's website ( when I'm trying to go to :dnd: D&D Beyond (

Gov't Nonsense 

Working on hiring a very qualified candidate who doesn't happen to be a US citizen. This requires some legal paperwork, which, okay, fine.

But if we want the gov't to process the paperwork in a timely manner there is a a fee.


Seriously. This is nonsense. This is bordering on extortion. And the worst part is that what it ACTUALLY is is a way to discourage people from hiring candidates from outside the US.

Death mention 

My lovely dog died over thanksgiving weekend. We had thirteen wonderful years with him, and in the end he was sick and old and it was time. I will miss him terribly, but I'm so grateful for all the happy memories.

My wife and I spent some time last night, after the kids were in bed, crying a little, and laughing at some of the funnier memories.

Grief isn't something to be avoided, nor sought out; it's simply part of life and we can accept it.


:nanowrimo: done, one day early, for year 13. I'm having thoughts and feelings about NaNoWriMo this year... I might write them up into something on a blog... But hey, 13 years!

Today I'm on the interview panel a developer who will report to me, and a director to whom I will report. This is a weird day.

Starting to worry that I won't finish :nanowrimo: by the end of November.

Granted, this is roughly when I start to have that worry EVERY November. But what if this year is the year that I'm RIGHT?

Update: I didn’t. I just stared out the window and listened to music. ?

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Actually had to commute today, brought my FreeWrite traveler with me. On the morning commute I got 1300 words written. If I can replicate that on the way home I could possibly catch my :nanowrimo: "quota" BEFORE the last week of the month.

If you're using :obsidian: and you like :vim: you really need the vimrc support plugin. Finally I can use jk to get back to normal mode!

Just discovered that makes you enter the command to quit :vim: Vim without saving before you can enable Vim-mode. 😆

Fortunately I passed.

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Don’t pour your heart and soul into anything that has an HR department.

I really like that has an integrated "Update :nanowrimo: word count" button now. Gone are the days of looking at your word count in Scriv, then seeing it go down by a couple hundred when you pasted your text into the NaNoWriMo checker.

Trying for hosting my :nanowrimo: novel for this year. I like a lot of things about WorldAnvil, but the (beta) version of "manuscripts" isn't really one of them. Still, I'm determined to stick to it for the month. Feel free to read along here:

Last night I bought Beast Breakers, because I like the soundtrack. (and had an epic games store coupon). This is probably the first time a soundtrack has led me to buy a game, instead of the other way around.

The game is pretty okay, but I think...the soundtrack might still be better. Big Giant Circles is awesome.

Trying something new for :nanowrimo: this year: using World Anvil to keep a nice database of people, places, things, events, etc.

Not sure if I like it. I'm still writing in and importing here.

Anyway, check it out if you like.

The best thing about 🎃 is that :nanowrimo: starts the next day!

Just discovered DungeonDraft for making :dnd: battlemaps. Instant love.

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