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What the....

The BBC isn't releasing the next season of until 2020? What is going on over there??? We need more 13th Doctor! :dw: :tardis:

When your PR Department has no idea what they're writing about, but you have to get that announcement up anyway. :fediverse:

There’s only one right way to eat jellybeans and that’s three at a time, without looking. Sometimes you get old favorites like kiwi-strawberry-watermelon. Sometimes you get cool new things like root beer-cinnamon-vanilla. And sometimes you get something horrible like coffee-popcorn-cigar ash. But hey, that’s life, just get through it and try again.

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With 2018 being almost over, I've decided to build some absolutely inofficial Fediverse charts.

If you want to take part, simply reply to this toot and tell us about your game, movie, or album release of the year and I'll collect the data and build some funny graphs at the end of the year. Deal? 😊

If you think more categories should be included, feel free to respond with whatever it was you liked best this year, and I'll try to group all responses.

Boosts appreciated!

@jeff How's GOTY going? I'm guessing that's the source of the sleepy.

If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that you can’t condense hard-won, incrementally gained wisdom into a pithy one-liner.

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Don't live each day as if it were your last - live each day as curious and excited as if it were your first.

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Really loving @tootapp. Just changed my main instance scheme to the bright purple “Toot” theme and I have no regrets.

@ttscoff hey, welcome to :mastodon: Mastodon and the :fediverse: Fediverse in general!

It's weird, but it also has cool emojis!

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Would you make someone else work as hard as you are working right now? Be kind to yourself.

The latest episode of :dw: ("It Takes You Away") is my favorite of this season so far, in large part because it feels the most who-esque. Emotional, rampant, silly, exciting, tinged with some existential dread, and--of course--some running through dark caves.

I'm loving the cast this season, all four of them. The writing has been a bit inconsistent, but the actors are all nailing it.

“Twelfth Doctor-DragonBallZ-Walmart” would almost be a good password, because the three concepts refuse to all fit in your head at the same time.

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How to decide if you should complain about something someone else likes (aka fandoms, fortnite, music, elf on the shelf, etc)

Are they actually hurting you?


Then let them have fun.

Bonus Points: try to join in! They probably like it for a reason!

If you went back in time and told 16 year old me that Star Control 3 was never coming out, but that in 2018 there will finally be a new Star Control game, and then pulled out a laptop and showed it to me, I would probably say, “yes, that is what I would think a 21st century version of Star Control would look like.”

And then I would try to steal your futuristic laptop.

Quick Reminder: was named by retail workers decades ago, because it’s the day the sales floor team dies.

Be kind to salespeople.

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